Our Story

After graduation, I moved to Chicago to work for a big five accounting firm, but felt a calling to return to Northwest Ohio and set down roots. I soon realized that this was home. I really wanted to build something here that would bring together my three great passions: business, style and connecting with people.

We have a lot of fun with our customers, but we take our work very seriously. Every appointment, every interaction is an opportunity that we’ve been given to be a part of their lives.  When a person walks through our doors, calls us on the phone or meets with us through a virtual appointment, he may be looking for a tuxedo to wear when he escorts his daughter down he aisle. He might be trying to decide what to wear for his first professional interview, selecting an outfit for the moment that he asks her to spend the rest of her life with him, or looking for a suit to wear when he eulogizes his father.  These are monumental experiences in the lives of our customers and it’s a tremendous privilege for us to be part of these moments. We promise to take that seriously and provide the best experience possible.  

To us, V Couture, V Collection and V Style(d) are not just businesses.  They are the realization of a beautiful dream and a commitment to our community. This is our home. It’s important to us to build something that will not only thrive, but make a positive impact, and inspire the dreams of others.

Throughout my journey, I have gained strength and courage by believing in my dreams - even when the circumstances around me made them seem impossible.  We exist to impart this same faith and determination into our team, our customers and ultimately our community.  

Because we believe that the world will be a better place when people allow the beauty of their dreams to power their journey.